The St. Clair County Youth Coalition organized in 2001.  St. Clair County providers realized with increased needs and diminished resources, it was essential to network in a more creative and formal structure thus maximizing resources and ensuring that at-risk youth receive appropriate and timely service provision. The group was challenged to organize a more comprehensive, collaborative partnership that would integrate all youth systems in the community.   The Coalition decided that their mission would be to develop a seamless service delivery system. The group envisioned a system so tightly woven together that no youth would fall through the cracks.



Every St. Clair County Youth will have guaranteed access to integrated services that will enable them to experience personal success and become contributing community members.



The St. Clair County Youth Coalition will seek to develop a seamless delivery of care system.


Values and Beliefs

  • We believe that youth are best served, whenever possible, within their own family and community, 

  • We have the responsibility to engage youth and their families in services and give them hope that services will be beneficial,

  • We will work together cohesively as a diverse group of professionals, parents and youth collaborating in all our activities including cooperation between agencies,

  • We support new approaches with evidence-based outcomes and will incorporate related research findings and promote sustained positive change.

  • We believe that an ongoing monitoring process is necessary to ensure that the highest quality of service is provided,

  • We value accountability to our youth and families, partners, and private and public supporters,

  • We will demonstrate measurable performance outcomes to our youth, families and funding sources.


There is an open invitation to all St. Clair County community organizations that provide services to youth to participate in the Coalition. For more information about the Coalition contact

Debbie Humphrey, Facilitator 277-6022


Ted Baugh, Coordinator 874-0777. 

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